Location: East Village (2nd Ave. b/t 7th and St. Mark)


What We Ordered: Matcha preset (Red Bean, Mochi, Condensed Milk, Waffle Cookie)

Our first review of the season is always tough to choose. With so many new options popping up all over the city we decided to go for something new -- shaved snow. Bingbox is located on 125 2nd Avenue in the East Village and their speciality is Korean shaved ice called “bingsu”-- ice or milk ice with toppings of choice. We have reviewed one other shaved snow spot before, Wooly’s, a popular food fair shaved snow stand, although we’ve seen a larger trend of shaved snow places popping up such as Snowdays & Wooly’s. We think there’s a larger shaved snow trend at work! Maybe it will even replace frozen yogurt in a few years, who knows?

Taste: B+

We ordered the Matcha preset Bingbox that had a base of matcha shaved snow with red bean, mochi, condensed milk and a waffle cookie. It was big enough for us to split and came out looking delicious. The condensed milk was drizzled on top of the entire box which gave the matcha a nice sweeter flavor. The shaved ice itself is not as delicious as regular ice cream, but for a shaved ice, it was delicious. The light texture, and the toppings sprinkled throughout made it an enjoyable experience.

Variety: A


Bingbox has a surprisingly wide variety of flavors and toppings to choose from for a shaved snow place. They offer eight preset boxes, but you can also create your own concoction with their wide assortment of toppings. Additionally, they have soft serve ice cream with monthly flavor specials -- something that is rare outside of the ice cream franchise world.

Atmosphere: B

The decor of the space was somewhat bare, though we did notice the tables had stickers for prime instagram placement of the Bingbox ( which we used of course). The staff was friendly and when we ordered, it came pretty quickly.

Overall: B+

Sundaes And Cones

It was a humid afternoon when we finally made our way to Sundaes & Cones, a quaint spot down on East 10th St. that all of our foodie friends have been buzzing about. The lucky folks sitting inside the air-conditioned shop patiently licked their cones, while those seated on the benches outside scrambled to finish their icecreams before they melted. The smell of freshly baked waffles cones wafted through the shop out onto the streets, delighting all passerbys and tempting them to step in for a frozen treat.

We were impressed by the unique flavors Sundaes & Cones has to offer. From lavender to black sesame, from Thai Tea to Taro, this was definitely not your grandma's icecream shop! We ordered a cone of lavender and lychee, a picturesque combo sure to please.  The texture was smooth and creamy, and the flavor was light and refreshing. It was creamier than most icecream places we've tried, and we know that creamy=melts faster.

We hear that they sell out of flavors quickly at Sundaes & Cones, so be sure to stop in early if you're looking to snag one of their more coveted flavors! They also sell cookies and birthday cakes, so if you have any special events coming up, we definitely recommend Sundaes & Cones.

Taste: A-


Variety: A+

Decor: B+


Overall: A-



Davey's Ice Cream

 Location: Williamsburg (201 Bedford Ave)

What We Ordered:  Speculoos Chocolate Chip and Guava Surprise

After a long winter hibernation, we're back and ready to try out the best icecreams NYC has to offer. Dear readers, we hope you're ready to embark on the sweetest, creamiest most delicious icecream adventures with us.


After a warm spring stroll in Williamsburg, we made our way to Davey's, a small but charming ice cream shop on Bedford avenue. The chief scooper was super friendly and didn't give us any sideye for wanting to try a few of their more interesting flavors like Guava Gingersnap Galore and Mexican Vanilla. The shop gave us some old school icecream shop vibes, with a few modern twists, one of our favorites being the employee of the month image of Scoop Dogg. (Pictured below)


We ordered a "Split", which is Williamsburg lingo for two scoops I suppose, of Speculoos chocolate chip and guava surprise. The texture of the icecream indicated its freshness, and the Speculoos cookies mixed into the icecream were a sweet surprise. We wished we could have tried a few of the other flavors that appeared sold out such as Thai Iced Tea or Matcha Green Tea. It's the kickoff of icecream season Davey's, stock up! 


We appreciated that Davey's didn't stray too far from classic, from its decor to its flavor, and it's only fail is that we wish there was more! We are also left with the question, who is Davey? 


Taste: A-


Variety: B+

Decor: B+


Overall: B+

Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets

Location: Roosevelt Island (559 Main Street)

What We Ordered: Twixalicious and Strawberry Cheesecake

With both of us being native New Yorkers, imagine our surprise when we realized neither of us had ever gone on the roosevelt island tram. We had heard rumors of a small ice cream parlor on the island and knew that we had our reason to try it out. 

On a sunny Saturday, we boarded the tram, saw magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline and east river, and landed on roosevelt island, an odd little oasis of a place. We passed by a rainbow pool, an asylum turned luxury apartment building, and a number of public gardens on our way to Main Street Sweet Treats. We stepped inside and immediately were reminded of the ice cream shops of our childhoods--toys and candy all around and sugary flavors that we're sure to appeal to ice cream's favorite audience-kids. 

When we were able to hold back our nostalgic awe, we asked the adorable ice cream servers (they couldn't have been more than 13) what their favorite flavors were. We ended up getting Twixalicious and Strawberry Cheesecake, both of which lived up to our servers hype.  The flavors had a creamier base than many of the other icecreams we've had recently,  which, depending on your ice cream preference, may be a bit strange. Twixalicious had pieces of  twix scattered about and oozed caramel goodness. Strawberry cheesecake was lighter and fruitier but still satisfied our sweet tooth.
We appreciated the community feel of the place. Photos of the owners,  little league teams throughout the years littered the walls and from the games in the store, Main Street sweets is a popular spot for the after school crowd. Overall, we liked Main Street sweets, so if you're ever looking for a reason to make your way over to the odd little place that is Roosevelt island, you now have one.





Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

Location: Lower East Side (Rivington St. b/t Bowery and Chrystie)

What We Ordered: Burnt Honey and Salted Pretzel Caramel

It was a warm Friday night as we walked through bustling Lower East Side streets, searching for the ice cream shop we've heard so much about. Irrationally losing complete sense of direction once the numbered streets turned to words, we reached for our phones to see if we were even in the vicinity. We took a turn and cautiously approached one of the many nightmares New Yorkers fear: a line spilling onto the sidewalk. We closed our eyes, took a deep breath, and reluctantly joined the dozens waiting to get their hands on a frozen treat with just one thought in our minds -- this better be worth it.

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