Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets

Location: Roosevelt Island (559 Main Street)

What We Ordered: Twixalicious and Strawberry Cheesecake

With both of us being native New Yorkers, imagine our surprise when we realized neither of us had ever gone on the roosevelt island tram. We had heard rumors of a small ice cream parlor on the island and knew that we had our reason to try it out. 

On a sunny Saturday, we boarded the tram, saw magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline and east river, and landed on roosevelt island, an odd little oasis of a place. We passed by a rainbow pool, an asylum turned luxury apartment building, and a number of public gardens on our way to Main Street Sweet Treats. We stepped inside and immediately were reminded of the ice cream shops of our childhoods--toys and candy all around and sugary flavors that we're sure to appeal to ice cream's favorite audience-kids. 

When we were able to hold back our nostalgic awe, we asked the adorable ice cream servers (they couldn't have been more than 13) what their favorite flavors were. We ended up getting Twixalicious and Strawberry Cheesecake, both of which lived up to our servers hype.  The flavors had a creamier base than many of the other icecreams we've had recently,  which, depending on your ice cream preference, may be a bit strange. Twixalicious had pieces of  twix scattered about and oozed caramel goodness. Strawberry cheesecake was lighter and fruitier but still satisfied our sweet tooth.
We appreciated the community feel of the place. Photos of the owners,  little league teams throughout the years littered the walls and from the games in the store, Main Street sweets is a popular spot for the after school crowd. Overall, we liked Main Street sweets, so if you're ever looking for a reason to make your way over to the odd little place that is Roosevelt island, you now have one.