Davey's Ice Cream

 Location: Williamsburg (201 Bedford Ave)

What We Ordered:  Speculoos Chocolate Chip and Guava Surprise

After a long winter hibernation, we're back and ready to try out the best icecreams NYC has to offer. Dear readers, we hope you're ready to embark on the sweetest, creamiest most delicious icecream adventures with us.


After a warm spring stroll in Williamsburg, we made our way to Davey's, a small but charming ice cream shop on Bedford avenue. The chief scooper was super friendly and didn't give us any sideye for wanting to try a few of their more interesting flavors like Guava Gingersnap Galore and Mexican Vanilla. The shop gave us some old school icecream shop vibes, with a few modern twists, one of our favorites being the employee of the month image of Scoop Dogg. (Pictured below)


We ordered a "Split", which is Williamsburg lingo for two scoops I suppose, of Speculoos chocolate chip and guava surprise. The texture of the icecream indicated its freshness, and the Speculoos cookies mixed into the icecream were a sweet surprise. We wished we could have tried a few of the other flavors that appeared sold out such as Thai Iced Tea or Matcha Green Tea. It's the kickoff of icecream season Davey's, stock up! 


We appreciated that Davey's didn't stray too far from classic, from its decor to its flavor, and it's only fail is that we wish there was more! We are also left with the question, who is Davey? 


Taste: A-


Variety: B+

Decor: B+


Overall: B+