Sundaes And Cones

It was a humid afternoon when we finally made our way to Sundaes & Cones, a quaint spot down on East 10th St. that all of our foodie friends have been buzzing about. The lucky folks sitting inside the air-conditioned shop patiently licked their cones, while those seated on the benches outside scrambled to finish their icecreams before they melted. The smell of freshly baked waffles cones wafted through the shop out onto the streets, delighting all passerbys and tempting them to step in for a frozen treat.

We were impressed by the unique flavors Sundaes & Cones has to offer. From lavender to black sesame, from Thai Tea to Taro, this was definitely not your grandma's icecream shop! We ordered a cone of lavender and lychee, a picturesque combo sure to please.  The texture was smooth and creamy, and the flavor was light and refreshing. It was creamier than most icecream places we've tried, and we know that creamy=melts faster.

We hear that they sell out of flavors quickly at Sundaes & Cones, so be sure to stop in early if you're looking to snag one of their more coveted flavors! They also sell cookies and birthday cakes, so if you have any special events coming up, we definitely recommend Sundaes & Cones.

Taste: A-


Variety: A+

Decor: B+


Overall: A-