Location: East Village (2nd Ave. b/t 7th and St. Mark)


What We Ordered: Matcha preset (Red Bean, Mochi, Condensed Milk, Waffle Cookie)

Our first review of the season is always tough to choose. With so many new options popping up all over the city we decided to go for something new -- shaved snow. Bingbox is located on 125 2nd Avenue in the East Village and their speciality is Korean shaved ice called “bingsu”-- ice or milk ice with toppings of choice. We have reviewed one other shaved snow spot before, Wooly’s, a popular food fair shaved snow stand, although we’ve seen a larger trend of shaved snow places popping up such as Snowdays & Wooly’s. We think there’s a larger shaved snow trend at work! Maybe it will even replace frozen yogurt in a few years, who knows?

Taste: B+

We ordered the Matcha preset Bingbox that had a base of matcha shaved snow with red bean, mochi, condensed milk and a waffle cookie. It was big enough for us to split and came out looking delicious. The condensed milk was drizzled on top of the entire box which gave the matcha a nice sweeter flavor. The shaved ice itself is not as delicious as regular ice cream, but for a shaved ice, it was delicious. The light texture, and the toppings sprinkled throughout made it an enjoyable experience.

Variety: A


Bingbox has a surprisingly wide variety of flavors and toppings to choose from for a shaved snow place. They offer eight preset boxes, but you can also create your own concoction with their wide assortment of toppings. Additionally, they have soft serve ice cream with monthly flavor specials -- something that is rare outside of the ice cream franchise world.

Atmosphere: B

The decor of the space was somewhat bare, though we did notice the tables had stickers for prime instagram placement of the Bingbox ( which we used of course). The staff was friendly and when we ordered, it came pretty quickly.

Overall: B+